Thursday, September 5, 2013

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                  Are you into writing and would love to work at the comfort of your home? Then, I would love to share you something. Back then, I was looking for a way to earn extra income online, I came across several websites offering a click and get paid, take surveys and such which I know for sure that they are nothing but scams. I love to write and I do own a blog so, I’ve searched from there and that’s where I found an opportunity., is a website dedicated for passionate writers all over the Philippines. I was accepted there last month and finally, this became my part time job. The application process goes with applying online, answering basic questions and sending your resume. They will write back instructing you to create an account on their website. Apparently, you’ll become a part of the black team as a screening process. You will need then to submit an article based on their provided list, upon submitting you will be evaluated. Finally, they will decide if you’re in. And, that’s where you start.

Take note that they don’t ask money or anything for you to be accepted, so don’t worry. is a legitimate company and they’ve been up and running since 2007. They offer nothing but the best opportunities for anyone who pursues a writing career path.

How Things Work offers different assignment or set of articles that need to be done for a limited time. You will encounter variety of assignments or article types such as ebook, press release, reviews, sales letter and so on. You will eventually need to claim an assignment to start working. For 2,500 words or less you’ll have at least 24 hours submission deadline. Then after submitting, your work will be reviewed by the management, if the client likes the quality of your articles then all the points goes to you and that’s how you start earning. Take note that revisions request and having your articles being rejected are possible.

How much can you actually earn depends on how many assignments you can claim and finish every single day. Every assignments has a corresponding points and 1 point is equal to 1 peso. Points ranged from 25 pesos to 500 pesos per assignment depending on the article type and how many articles or words you need to provide. For a week, you can earn more than a 1,000.00 pesos, not bad for an extra income.


One of the things I love the most and being thankful for, is that is a great place with so many friendly people around. If you’re at lost and needed help with your assignment or for specific concerns, fellow writers and editors are easy to talk to and they love to share their experiences and tips to everyone. You can also browse and join in the forum for discussions, events and games. is currently looking for passionate writers. Come and join us. Grow, learn, enjoy and earn while doing what you love the most. I promise, you’ll enjoy it here.


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  2. Thank you for sharing this. I would love to apply on this when I sound prepared. Anyway, I came here from blogs ng pinoy directory.

    Najmah fromCovered Anatomy

  3. Hi, how do you claim an assignment? I can't seem to find the claim button. Can I request you to give a screenshot showing the claim button?




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