Saturday, August 24, 2013

Nescafe Cappucino

Few days ago (here in the Philippines) we were strucked by typhoon Maring, and we did experienced non stop raining for a week. It was really threatening to see the flood becoming higher and higher. And I'm truly sadden for people who were greatly affected.

Thank you God for everyone is recovering now.

That time, my Nescafe Cappucino, one of the newest released products from Nescafe was with me to cheer me up during that gloomy week.

Honestly, I do admit that I'm not truly a fan of coffee, and I only drink coffee occasionally. But this time on, I wanted to say that I'am now a fan of Nescafe Cappucino. It tastes really good! And good thing, they include some choco sprinkles which is a great compliment for the coffee.

So, if you need something to heat you up, give you some boost or needing to get away with that gloomy feeling, this one's for you!

Yummy, rich, foamy, best experience, delicious. Do I need to say more?


  1. That typhoon is really a sad happening...

    Like you I'm also not a coffee lover until this Nescafe Cappucino came, whenever I see supplies in the cabinet I'll grab it. ;) Taste good diba?
    Smize with Style

    1. Sana nga lang wala nang dumating pang malakas na bagyo tulad nun..

      And yah super! Yummy talaga.. have you tried nescafe chocolate? Masarap din ^_^

  2. i love nescafe coffee..chocolate i'll try it.



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