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Featuring: The Boy Next Door

I do know that we girls love guys who do different things, right? Multi-tasker in other words.

Then without further ado, I want you to meet John Ullyses Martin or much known as Yool Martin.

He is definitely not just an eye candy for us. Currently he is a student, an artist, a cosplayer, a photographer, a dancer, a kpop enthusiast and also a model. Not bad, for a young age. He can do pretty much anything and that inspires us also to do everything we wanted or we love to do.

(Actually, back then I handled a kpop cover group/entertainment and I was lucky enough to be Yool's manager for at least a short time until the group/entertainment was never heard of again.)

For the record, he was once featured in a magazine as a "fashionista"finalist

He's currently a member of a kpop cover group "Black Moon" which they cover the popular kpop group "EXO"

Yool as Kris Wu

Now, let's start by getting to know more about Yool. Here's a little Q & A I had with him.

1. You are an example of a person who do many things like, being a photographer, a cosplayer, a dancer, etc. How do you actually balance your time? Especially that you are a student. 

Y: Honestly speaking, I don't manage my time, I don't organize or schedule myself with such activities [that] I am going to pursue, I don't make plans, kapag gusto kong gawin ang isang bagay gagawin ko agad regardless of the time na meron ako. In terms of my studies, wala naman akong problema, I do priority my school-works first minsan pinagsasabay ko para hindi ako nabo-boring sa school, mga ganun ba, gawa-gawa din ng paraan kumbaga. Pero ngayong college na ko't medyo heavy loaded ang schedule ko, tinigil ko muna yung pagko-cosplay.
PS: pag medyo hayahay na yung school-works ko, tsaka ako babalik sa cosplay world.
(Honestly speaking, I don't manage my time, I don't organize or schedule myself with such activities that I'am planning to pursue. I don't make plans. When I wanted do something, I will do it regardless of my time. I really don't have problems in terms of my studies, I do prioritize my school works first but sometimes I do things together with studying just for me not to get bored in school. And now that I'm in college my schedule became heavy-loaded and that's the reason why I stopped cosplaying for a while.
P.S: When my schedules in school loosen up, that will be the time that I'll go back into cosplay world again.)

2. Who are your inspirations? 

Y: Number 1 inspiration ko is yung kuya ko, tulad ko multi-tasker din siya and para sakin hindi lang siya Inspiration, kundi model din para sa lahat ng teenagers na may iba't-ibang assets aside from being a student, biruin mo he can manage his time on being a dance crew member sa university nila and at the same time as a Dean's Lister, siya yung tipo ng tao na hindi pabaya sa top priorities niya and one day, gusto ko maging katulad niya, I really do. Sunod, yung mga Kpop Idols ko. Nai-inspire ako sa kanila in terms of their talents and also sa pagma-manage ng oras nila.
(My no. 1 inspiration is my brother, he is also a multi-tasker like me. For me, he is not just an inspiration but a model to all teenagers that have different assets aside from being a student. Imagine, he can manage his time being a dance crew member in their university and at the same time being a dean lister. He is a type of person that never neglect his priorities and some day I wanted to be just like him, I really do. Next one is my Kpop Idols, I was inspired by them in terms of their talents and how they manage their time.)

3. If you are going to pick which one of the things you've already done (ex. photographer, dancer, student, etc.) which one you like doing most and why?

Y: Dancer, why? uhm, sa tingin ko kasi yan nalang yung natitirang puhunan ko sa mga skills na meron ako and I do enjoy it, that's one of the main reason kung bakit andami kong naging kaibigan, specifically sa pag da-dance cover ko sa KPOP Community natin dito sa Pinas. Anlaking bagay yung nai-contribute sakin niyang pagiging dancer. Siguro kung hindi ako naging dancer hindi ko makikilala yung tinuturing ko'ng pamilya ngayon, siguro kung hindi ako naging dancer wala na ata akong ibang maipagmamalaki sa ibang tao. Isa pa, therapy sakin ang pagsasayaw eh, I could freely express my inner-emotions while dancing, nakaka-wala din ng stress.
(Dancer, why? uhm, for me it is the only investments left for me on all of my skills and I do enjoy it. That's one of the main reason why I've made a lot of friends specifically on my dance cover experiences here in our kpop community in the Philippines. Being a dancer, gave me a lot of contributions. Maybe if I wasn't became a dancer I wouldn't knew those people I treated as a family now, maybe if I didn't became a dancer I wouldn't have anything to be proud of to other people. And another thing, dancing is a therapy for me. I could freely express my inner-emotions while dancing. It takes away a lot of stress.
4. What are those things you still want to try? 

Y: I would like to try being a full-time blogger, I'm a type of a person kasi na gustong-gusto mag-share ng ideas and experiences on a certain field, siguro gusto ko maging blogger sa mga K-POP news updater sites or sa mga fan-sites, para kahit papano na-eenjoy ko din yung mga nilalagay ko sa articles ko and at the same time gustong-gusto ko yung field, which is KPOP.
(I would like to try being a full-time blogger. I'm a type of a person that really likes sharing ideas and experiences on a certain field. I wanted to write for some Kpop news updater site or fan sites, for me to at least enjoy what I write, at the same liking the field, which is Kpop.)

5. As a fashionista, what describes you the most? 

Y: As a fashionista, I describe myself as unique. Ayoko yung tipong on-mainstream or kung ano yung nasa uso, gusto ko din kung ano yung babagay sa attitude ko specifically dark-themed get-ups. Minsan lang ako pumorma pero gusto ko pagpo-porma ako yung komportable ako at alam ko'ng kuhang-kuha yung taste ko.
(As a fashionista, I describe myself as unique. I really don't like the types that currently on mainstream or trending. I wanted something that will suit my attitude specifically dark-themed get ups. I don't always dress up but when I do, I wanted to be comfortable and to know that it is really my taste.

6. Which brand of clothing/items/bags are your favorites that you can recommend to us? (you can give one or more.)

Y: H&M, Uniqlo, Gap or Thrift Shops

7. Any words of wisdom for the readers?

Y: "Push yourself beyond your limits, challenge yourself!"


Leather body bag - Tokyo, Fox tail - Harajuku, Wooden blue glasses - Harajuku, Cream-coloured cardigan - H&M, Feathered necklace - CoEn, Gray-polka dot half-sleeve polo - Browny, Blue-ish gray easy pants - Uniqlo, Mri flat-shoes - UENO

Gray sneaker - Vans, Cream-coloured cardigan - H&M, Cream-coloured glasses - Shops in Tokyo Disney Land, Bluish-gray semi-knitted shirt - Apache Vintage, Black & White checkered below-the-knee pants - Uniqlo, Fox tail - Harajuku, Leather body bag - Tokyo

 Beige walk shorts - Slacks and trousers, Dark green trench + Jacket - Lee, Brown MCM bag - MCM Exo PH, Gray sneaker - Vans, Korean fashion glasses - CNA Philippines

Black spiked round cap - kpop merchandiser, Black #Swagg tank top - Simple Swagg, Black cargo pants - Uniqlo, Black vertebrate ring - thrift shop, Black triangular plane ring - thrift shop, Leopard print spike bracelet - kpop merchandiser, Fox tail - Harajuko

Mikuo Hatsune - Vocaloid

Kazuki Shiranui - Starry Sky



And, that's it. I really like how Yool's being positive in life, and being optimistic on things he do. I know that Yool will continue to grow and achieve his goals in life, in no time. Maybe, we could see him on T.V or be heard on the radio someday, who knows?

I would like to thank Yool for the time and willing to be featured here on my blog.

For the readers, I hope you enjoyed reading this and somehow learned something. I also hope Yool has inspired you to be yourself and do what your heart wants you to do. 

Being a student doesn't really stop you on doing things, like your hobbies or changing your lifestyle. It's about learning how to be flexible and how to manage your time.
You can show your support by visiting Yool's accounts/sites:

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