Saturday, August 3, 2013

Featuring: Sk8er Boi (Skater Boy)

Are you into sports right now? Me? I do, I love sports. So far I've only tried golf, volleyball and badminton. But, I'm really looking forward in doing some "extreme" sports in the future.

Today, I love to share you about this; Skate boarding. I've been hearing it since then. It is very well-known in abroad and now it's starting to be popular here in the Philippines. Many personalities are already enjoying having it as one of their hobbies.

Skate boarding is where you use and ride a skate board to perform tricks. It started at around 1940's. Some people were also considering it as an art form, a profession, another form of transportation and a recreational activity.

Tricks consist of:

Ollie off kickers
Pop Shove-it
No Comply
Pressure Flip
Kick flip
Tre flip (360 flip)
360 Pop Shuv It
Laser Flip
Finger flip
Darkside grind

Luckily, I have my friend here Gabriel Valenzuela from Sampaloc, Manila who has been into skate boarding for 7 months now. So I interviewed him for a while to get to know more about the sport.

Y: Gaano ka na katagal sa pag i-skate boarding? 
(So, how long have you been into skate boarding?)
G: 7 months na ako nag i-skate. Sa Calamba St. ako naglalaro at Mendiola.
(I've been into it for 7 months. I've been playing in Calamba St. and Mendiola.)

Y: Sino yung inspirasyon mo sa libangan na ito? 
(Who is your inspiration for this sport?)
G: Inspirasyon ko ay yung mga pro skater tulad ni Shane O'Neill.
(My inspirations are those pro-skaters like Shane O'Neill.)

Y: San mo nalaman itong sport na ito? 
(Where did you learn about this sport?)
G: Nalaman ko ito sa kaibigan ko na si Joey. 
(I found this out from my friend, Joey.)

Y: Anu-ano na yung mga tricks na kaya mong gawin? 
(What tricks can you already do?)
G: Ang mga tricks ko ay ollie, shuv-it, kickflip, hillflip, varial kick flip, 360 shuv at madame pa. Nag o-obstacle din akosa ledge at tub.
(I can do tricks like ollie, shuvit, kickflip, hillflip, varial kick flip, 360 shuv and many more. I'am also doing obstacles on ledge and pipe.)

Y: Anu yung mga pinaka nagugustuhan mo sa skate boarding? 
(What do you like most about skate boarding?)
G: Nagustuhan ko ang skating kasi para sa exercise, libangan at masarap na sport. Challenging sya sakin.
(I like it because it can be a form of exercise, a hobby and truly challenging for me.)

Pictures of him doing what he likes most.

Thank you Gab for your time and being willing to be featured here on my blog.

So there you have it. Skate boarding is really something, we should give it a try!
I just hope it would influence more and will have larger communities supporting it here.

And remember, if you're just starting out never do too much extreme tricks yet, always start with the basics and practice and just practice. All sports have it's own risk, be responsible and careful.


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  2. I always wanted to learn...but I never did :/.... But I do LOVE Badminton!!! :D

    1. Skate boarding is really complicated at first, but I know you will learn it too. It is really cool! When I first tried it out, I was like "I can't do this! Haha"

      I was really thankful somebody was helping me to understand how it really works.

      Oh, and I'm happy to know you love badminton too.



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