Sunday, July 28, 2013

What really happened?

I'm going to talk about yesterday's kpop event; KFEST 4. Btw, Kfest is one of the most successful kpop events in the Philippines and everyone who's into kpop are really preparing and waiting for it every year.

A couple of days ago my friend invited me to join her on Kfest, I said yes and felt really excited about it. It's been a while since I was able to attend kpop event and I'm really happy to have another bonding moments with her. Yesterday, we met at around 11 a.m, and arrived on S.M Megamall at 12:30 p.m.

We fell in line for the ticket at 1:30 p.m. The line was so long that we weren't really expected it. Just imagine the line starts at the Upper Ground floor and when you reach the 5th floor you still have to wait for a couple of hours because there's still a long line before you can buy tickets.

It seems to me that time that it is really impossible to get a ticket but because of our urge and excitement we're still positive that we can go inside the venue and enjoy the event as we planned to do so. We waited, and we were there until 4:00 p.m, I felt that the line was not moving so I climbed up from 3rd floor to the 5th floor to check what's happening there.

You can view the video below to get the idea of what I'm talking about, this was taken at the 5th floor.

I've managed to go to the ticketing counter and I saw the ladies there were just standing and holding a calculator, no selling of tickets happening. When I asked the guard he told me that they stopped the selling because the venue can no longer accommodate the people coming, I was like "No way!" but looking inside the venue there's really too many people already inside, they were like pushing each other to move and some of them can't get out, looking at it we might be suffocated if we were to go in. So, I was thinking what's the logic that people were still lining up for the ticket? And why didn't someone from the event announced it earlier that they had already cut it? Later on, I heard from someone that the ticket was already sold out around 3 p.m. And I've heard also that it is at the admin's decision if they would allow more to go inside.

At 5 p.m people gathered at the entrance anticipating Xander's arrival and that's where the climax happened. A lot of guards were dispatched to handle the people, around 10 guards were there I think. But fans were really fighting to get inside, some won't listen and were like, "Papasukin nyo kami! (Let us in!)" and some were angry enough to shout that they came not because of Xander but to watch their friends and favorite cover groups. Of course, people who already have tickets were mad as well as they can't go inside the venue. The guards asked the people to move back, people were already crowded at the entrance. I also heard a guard saying, "Pag di pa kayo umatras, gusto niyo bang i-disperse pa namin kayo?".

And then, they've lowered down the (IDK what was that called) to make the entrance half closed. I'm not sure if they planned to isolate the people inside and to prevent people from entering?

But, anyway this is what happened

It is clear people weren't happy. They were angry because they already bought tickets but they can't go inside amd some still wanting to buy tickets. They were asking and pleading to enter the venue. I looked to my left and I was shocked to see that there was someone already collapsed in the middle of commotion, her mother was holding her and very worried, there was no help from anyone. I also witnessed fans were shouting and really being crazy because of some cover groups and individuals that were there. They've also thought someone on a hoodie was Xander and that cause more commotions
In the end me and my friend decided to just get away from the ruckus and go watch a movie instead.

We were disappointed, yes. But thankful in some way. The event left me so much.. memories? Haha! There are no regrets.

And sadly, I've heard that the event was cancelled due to what happened and Xander weren't able to actually see and be there in the event because of safety reasons.

To end everything, I've listed things here that I've observed during the event.

1.) The lines for the tickets wasn't really organized, no one from the event was properly handling it but, thankful enough for the guards being there.
2.) Lining up for the tickets from Upper Ground floor to 5th floor was totally crazy!
3.) Late announcements. This doesn't help anyone.
4.) Some people.event-goers won't listen or follow.
5.) Honestly, 5th floor was like an evacuation site yesterday as there were so many people sitting on the floor, some were having like a picnic, and some just left their things scattered around the place.
6.) Fans were unbelievable, they can't calm their heart out. Shouting, pushing, I've seen them all.
7.) I was shocked why people just can't give up going inside, there was really no way to get in nor they allow you to at that time.

And for everyone who was there, I just wanted to tell you that it was not just the event's or someone's fault that it happened let us keep in mind to be respectful, responsible, disciplined and organized always. Let's just hope if there's really a KFEST 4 part 2 everything would run smoothly and peaceful.

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